It's kind of lame

I mean, *obviously*. That's very much been my overall feelings about this game for a good while now. Originally, I wanted this game to have some kind of gear you could find and use, and  you could find new weapons and whatever. I started on that, but soon figured that given the limited time I can't really create anything I'd be happy with. I also wanted more enemies, more dungeon features.. all kinds of things. I did some groundwork for those, which was mostly wasted.

All that kind of caused me to lose motivation. Designing levels, or other stuff just didn't feel very interesting, given the rather limited things I could work with. I've spent time tinkering with kind of pointless things just because actually creating new stuff doesn't feel very interesting.

Oh well, there it is anyway. More levels. Sounds. Some fixes. Yay, I guess.

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